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I had promised yesterday that I will be doing a series of articles that would be centering on our National Assembly members and how best they have represented us. This has become necessary following the unfortunate crisis that has engulfed the State especially the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) with some members of the National Assembly touted to be at the centre of the crises in a bit to cease party structures from the governor.

Those who have been following my comments since the crises broke out, will agree with me that I have been indifferent. The reason is because it is only when a few of us maintain neutrality that we can be able to state the issues as they are without fear or favour. This was the reason why in my part two of ‘Who will tell the governor’ I didn’t hesitate to put virtually all the blames on the governor. I mean, beyond every other reason, the whole bug is suppose to fall on his table. I may be wrong though.

But you see, the funniest thing and perhaps the most surprising in this whole crises to me is that, it is no other group in the party that is leading this seeming onslaught against the governor but the National Assembly members. Frankly speaking, only one or two of these members has the moral right and credibility to embark on such a mission. There is a popular saying that says, he who goes to equity must go with clean hands. In civilize climes, 70 to 80% of these set of National Assembly members would have been recalled due to bad representation. People who come to us promising heaven on earth if we give them our votes but as soon as that is done, they relocate their family and love ones to Abuja till the next election year. When you look for them in the floor of the National Assembly, you wont see them. Back home, you wont see them either. Go and represent us in Abuja for them means, GO AND LIVE IN ABUJA.

How can a people who mean well for us and care about our well being, be politicking at a time the world is anxiously looking for a way out of a global pandemic that is killing people on a daily basis and ravaging the world economy? Every day we see their colleagues in other States dolling out mouth watering palliatives to their constituents to cushion the effect of the National lockdown but all they are interested in is party structures in their various domains. If this isn’t wickedness, evil and the height of self-centredness then i wonder what it is.

Tell some of them to give you a scorecard of their achievements in the last 5 or one year as the case may be, they cant. Everyday our Universities churns out fresh employable graduate yet we have National Assembly members who would rather sell their jobs slots for a fee. You call and text them, they wont take your calls nor reply your text messages. For some of them, going to the National Assembly is the perfect opportunity to live in their dream houses. It is an opportunity to drive choice cars and holiday in a dream Country with their families. While others are lobbying for projects for their Federal constituencies and their Senatorial Districts, some of them prefer to sell it and put the monies in their pockets.

Some months ago, I watched with delight Rt Hon Onofiok Luke representing Etinan Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives canvassing for Federal Government support for Ibaka deep seaport, one of governor Udom Emmanuel’s projects at the floor of the National Assembly but in Cross River State, some of our National Assembly members would rather not live to see any of the governor’s signature project come to fruition. Agreed that the projects are gigantic and seem unrealisable but not giving support in the face of the governors unwavering commitment to see to their realisation is evil.

Before i conclude on the part one of this contribution, please ponder on the following;

1. If Governor Ayade had promised some of them a return ticket come 2023,Would they have cared about who controls party structures?

2. If he had promised those of them with governorship aspiration that one of them was going to succeed him,Would they team up with the rest of the National Assembly members to fight him?

3. In whose favour is this fight for party structures? You, me or them?

4. Between fighting Governor Ayade over party structures and fighting him over his style of governance, which is the people’s interest?

Isn’t this a classic case of the devil and the deep blue sea?

Until I come your way with the part 2, always remember that i come in PEACE.

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