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A few weeks ago, I had began a series of articles with the above caption not because I have an axe to grind with the Senator Ben Ayade administration as currently been insinuated rather, a self imposed task of bringing to his attention the worries and complains of majority of Cross Riverians and what they think and say about his administration through this medium.

Like I said in the part 2, I knew the implication of towing this part and would rather want to be counted among his few supporters who would prefer to hurt him with the truth than joining the battalion of hallelujah praise singers who excite and deceive him with lies and the chants of DIGITAL.

The truth is that, we cannot all keep quiet when things are increasingly becoming bad by the day. We cannot sit and watch a man who brought a lot of excitement and hope to Cross Riverians in 2015, make the kind of mistakes Governor Ayade makes on a daily basis.

Who will tell the governor that appointing a State Security Adviser with a deep security background remains one of the major ways of ending this madness currently going on in the streets of Calabar? How can an entire State Security architecture be left in the hands of none security experts and expect to get tangible result. A state with several men and women who retired meritoriously from service and rose to the zeniths of their security careers should not be allowed to turned to a killing field. Except the governor is unaware that not less than 20 people have been killed in the last one week in a renewed cult clash by rival cult groups in Calabar? Does the governor needs to be told that his agro industrialization drive as well as the State tourism brand would come to not without security?

Who will tell the governor that May 29th, 2020 will make him exactly one year in office and has barely one more year to offer real governance to Cross Riverians as the remaining two years is usually dominated by politics hence the need to promise less and do more? Does he needs to be reminded that he is in his 2nd term and is not entitled to another term by the constitution of Nigeria? Who will tell him that it is better to complete ongoing projects and make them viable/workable than embarking on new gigantic projects like Obudu cargo airport at this time? What is the State of the Super Highway whose groundbreaking was done by President Buhari, the deap seaport? Ultra modern Rice mill, Cocoa processing plant, Poles manufacturing company, Calachika, Calapharm etc?

What about the embarrassing portholes littered everywhere on some of our major internal roads in the metropolis? What really does it require to embark on a minor project like fixing these portholes If not for anything else but for the sake of our identity as the preferred tourism destination in Africa? Isn’t it obvious that these portholes has a lot of negative impact on the aesthetic beauty Calabar was known for? Why then do government still sell daily toll ticket to road users especially taxi drivers if they cannot get motorable roads to ply their trades?

It is in this administration that instead of our governor going round the various Local Government areas to thank Cross Riverians for reelecting him, he rather choose to sit in Calabar to called for polling units by polling units result across the State. It has been months after that exercise, not forgetting the pains people went through, polling units with some of the best result are yet to get even a board appointment whereas those without result are almost losing count of their appointments. In my Local Government, a woman was slapped by her daughter because she wanted to deliver her polling unit for the governor which she did but today she has been forgotten after being promised heaven on earth at pelegrino. Those who deserve to be Commissioners, Special Advisers and Director Generals judging by their results in the election are appointed PAs, board members and Special Assistants, why wont they reject appointments?

They say the governor has a long history of abandoning those who have ever helped, contributed or supported him in his political career as the moment he gets what he wants, he turns to something else. Who will tell him?

I will come again with Part 4 but until then, always remember that i come in peace.


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