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The reactions I have gotten till this very moment from the part one of this article has been heartwarming. The joy and excitement that I spoke the minds of the majority is nothing but suiting. When I decided to thread this unpopular path, I was not ignorant of its implication. I knew that it was likely not going to sit well in the hearts of today’s men in power especially at a period where every party member is looking for an appointment. If not for service but in recognition of the efforts we all put in at our various wards and units to re-elect most especially our dear governor, Senator Ben Ayade. But you see, we cannot all keep quiet when things are going bad all in the name of protecting an appointment that may never come. If at the end of the day, the governor or those saddle with the responsibility of compiling names choose to punish me for daring to think differently, well…no wahala.

The fact is, Governor Ayade deserves to be told the home truth because just like the holy bible recorded, only the truth shall set us free. It is only when we tell him the truth that he can sit up and give us his best. Make no mistake about it, I am a big fan of his agro industrialisation drive.

One truth he must know no matter how bitter is that, never in the history of Cross River State PDP that party members have been so disenchanted with its leadership. Never in the history of the party have party members been so ashamed to be called a PDP member. Today in the PDP, loyalty, steadfastness, hard work and dedication, is no longer a criteria for appointment rather what counts is the number of times you have been disloyal and which governor’s relative support group you were a member in the last elections. Appointments are now given to sidechics and not party men and women who made enemies with family and friends to ensure its victory. What you get from government by way of appointment or contract if any depends on your relationship status with the governor, any of his relative or anybody close to him or his relatives. Ordinarily, I would excuse the governor for some of these shortcomings but the buck falls on his table because it is assume that he is in charge.

Today in governor Ben Ayade’s government, some Commissioners are more commissioners than others. While some are in building their 3rd houses and driving good cars, others are yet to mould a block and still battling with government pickups as their official and private vehicles. Gossiping, backbiting, pull him down and irritating eye service is the stock in trade of some of them just to get favours from him. In his government, a board member drives a government vehicle while a Chairman of a board has no official vehicle talk less of an office space. A personal Assistant from Obudu is more influential and powerful than some Commissioners. Does he know all of this? No, I doubt.

What about the numerous court cases that is now threatening the peace and unity of a once united family as a result of the flawed selection process that brought the party’s Chairmanship and Councillorship candidates across the State? What effort did he make to calm frayed nerves? What has he done to pacify party men and women who spent the monies they don’t even have to participate in a process that never saw the light of day? What stops him from interfacing with these people and possibly make some refunds to them or give them reasonable appointments to help them recoup what they may have spent? Leadership for me is regular interface with the lead. A leader who fails in this regard will one day wake up and discover that they is nobody following him any longer.

Prior to 2015, I can recall vividly that i had followed my dad to Ministry of Information, SUBEB and the Border Commission at different intervals for opening of tender bids for contractors but today i cant remember when last i sighted a tenders journal. Government contracts are exclusive preserve of a few. Contractors are hungry. Does the governor know this?

The governor must know that shouting ‘Kpash’ in Obudu dialect in anger over the recent political happenings in a party where everybody including the National Assembly members agrees he is the leader is a misnomer.

How many times has he attended PDP events and meetings? What relationship does he have with NWC members of the Party? Who is his eyes there? Please don’t tell me about a Certain Amina. Who? The governor must know that relationship matters too.

In Central where his major opponent hails from in the last election how has he treated the Senatorial District especially in his appointments? Would he in all honesty say he has treated us fairly? Is he aware that the over 427 appointments he released a few weeks ago, Central couldn’t boast of 5% of those appointments as virtually all the names were from the North? Whose list in the Central would the governor say he has honoured to the later? No Who?

I pray that if he finally succeeds in upturning the list to his favour, he learns a lesson or two.

Until I come your way with Part 3, remain blessed.


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  1. my brother u are saying nothing but the core truth.ayade government is filled with sycophant.and the governor himself does not listen to instructions

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