A couple of days ago, the internet platform was agog with congratulatory messages to the newly appointed Acting Vice Chancellor of Cross River University of Technology. While some welcome the news with excitement, others expressed mixed reactions on why the state governor keep appointing Acting Vice Chancellors rather than take the necessary steps to confirm a substantive VC for the citadel of learning.

Here is a brief profile of the newly appointed Ag. VC.

Prof Austin Angba was born on 4th May, 1969, under the placid shadow of Yache Uchu in the old Ogoja Province, now Yala Local Government Area of Cross Rivet State. Austin attended the renowned Mary Knoll College, Okuku, Ogoja for his secondary school education where he transcended records and expectations. He earned a B.Sc(Hons) degree in Agriculture from Nigeria’s premier university, the revered University of Ibadan in 1992 where he towered head and shoulders above his peers in character and learning.

He subsequently studied and obtained M.Sc (Agric Extension) in 1995 and a Ph.D (Agric Extension) in 2000 respectively from the said university with regal ease. In 1999, Austin sought and built capacity in management sciences where he earned a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) from the University of Calabar. Not done yet, he notched his academic career with a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PDGE) in 2008 from that second generation university. Evidently, his academic trajectory is littered with confetti of encomiums and a catalogue of heroic achievements; dazzling in content and oozing in stellar performance.

Austin Angba is an amiable academic colossus who has proven his mettle over the years in teaching and research. He has more than 50 published research papers to his credit in both local and international journals. The erudite Professor has attended and presented papers at high profile seminars across Nigeria and abroad. While it is biblically noted and contemporarily evidenced that ‘a prophet has no honour amongst his people’, on 1st October, 2012, the Council and Senate of the University of Calabar obtained exoneration from this fell swoop indictment, when they found Austin worthy strictly on his numerous contributions to knowledge in his field of academic pursuit and deservedly promoted him to the enviable rank of Professor of Agricultural Extension. In a society where the phylum of qualitative promotions is fast fading and thinning out, in an environment where brown envelopes are exchanged for promotions and in a country where the elevation of people is directly proportional to their net worth or deep pockets, Augustine Oko Angba hit the mark of professorial attainment on merit. This is no mean feat at only 43 at that time.

Prof Austin Angba is a don of efficacious character and patriot extraordinaire. He is adorned with an aura of unblemished integrity and flawless credibility. Austin has manifested very high quality, excellence and matchless intellectual assiduity. He has conscientiously and creatively enforced the truth content that must be the immutable nucleus of the academia. His capacity for intellectualism is unassailable, his logic is impeccable, his scholarly depth is undeniable and his unrepentant commitment to the service of God and man is non-negotiable. His faith in the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is unwavering. Austin personifies loyalty and humility.

Austin Angba is quite enterprising and he has always kept his head high above lucre. In addition to his position as a Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension, Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife Resources Management, University of Calabar, he sits atop as the the Principal Consultant, Peniel Consultants; a rural and community development services consultancy firm. On this platform, Professor Angba has undertaken some groundbreaking research and consultancy jobs for the Federal Government of Nigeria, Cross River State Government, United State Agency for International Development (USAID), UNDP, World Bank and other international development organizations. Austin Angba is wildly traveled globally and has a network of friends and relevant contacts within Nigeria and beyond.

On the leadership front, this Yala-born Professor of Agricultural Extension has shown commendable prowess in the management of people and financial/material resources. At the last count, Professor Angba was appointed the Rector of Institute of Management and Technology (ITM), Ugep. This appointment came at a time when the fortunes of the school were virtually tittering on the brink. It took the leadership ingenuity and administrative sagacity of Austin Angba to stir the grossly underfunded tertiary institution at that time from the rubbles to the appreciable position it is today. Professor Angba restored life to that citadel of learning and left with a standing ovation. With such monumental success and commendable feat at ITM.

Credit to Mr. Missang Oyama a Social Commentator.

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