University don, Dr. Ukam I. Ngwu in this expository piece gives ten reasons why Cross River Youths deserve Victor Ndifon as Chairman

As the 2020 elections into the Cross River State Chapter executives of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) draw near, it is important to think, support and vote *Ambassador Victor Ogar Ndifon* as the State Chairman with the following reasons:
1. *He is Armed with Experience on Youths Governance*
As the old adage go “experience is the best teacher”, Victor Ndifon is highly experienced and well vast with the leadership styles needed to drive the youths’ force. He has held several youth oriented leadership positions in the academic, religious and other communities. Worthy of mention is his remarkable performance as a Senator of the Student Union Government (SUG) of the prestigious Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH) which propelled and endow him with the impetus, audacity and tenacity to contest and win as the youngest SUG president CRUTECH ever had at the time.

Ndifon is also serving as the incumbent Secretary General (the Secretariat) of the NYCN, Cross River State which as earn him a recognition and honour as one of the notable Ambassador of the association in the State.

If experience and continuity is anything to consider, especially as a serving Young University Lecturer and Scholar, then Victor Ndifon is the answer.

2. *He is Blessed with a Voice – even for the Voiceless*

Victor Ndifon is an orator per excellence, who choose to speak only when it is pertinent, expedient and necessary to do so. His oratory prowess makes him stand out among equals and has endeared him to many who prefer and rely on his amplified voice and often elect him to speak on their respective behalves.

Hence, Mr. Ndifon has overtime dedicated his voice to speak for the youths, the vulnerable, the oppressed, the suppressed and the downtrodden. Just as Chinua Achebe will say, “the fowl that crows belong to the owner, but its voice belong to the community”, Young Victor’s voice belongs to the teaming community of the youths in Cross River and beyond.

3. *He is Humility and Loyalty Personified*
Victor is widely known and accepted as a humble jolly good fellow. Even at the point of provocation, his respect for people is always intact. The countless positions of leadership he had held have not in anyway stopped him from respecting and relating with people as demanded of him. He is indeed an embodiment of humility and loyalty.

4. *He is a Servant Leader*

Victor’s idea of leadership is service for his people. He puts the interest of his people far above his personal interest and do not hesitate to go for that which will benefit the entire society than his personal needs. Cross River Youths Behold your servant- leader.

5. *He is Morally Equipped with the Needed Virtues for Good Governance*

Moral upbringing begins at home. The family plays an important role in moulding the moral rectitude of a man.

Victor Ndifon was fortunate enough to be born of Godfearing Christian Parents who have filled his moral life with the love for God and humanity at large.
He will indeed bring to bare his moral upbringing as a devout Catholic and good ambassador of his family to lead and move the State Youth Council to the desired next level.

6. *He is highly Educated and well Schooled in Reverend Nigerian Institutions*

Young Victor, is well educated and a great intellectual. Apart from acquiring several professional certificates to his credit, he also bagged a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree – Second Class Upper Division – Mass Communication in the Cross River University of Technology, Masters of Science (MSc) degree Mass Communication in the prestigious University of Lagos and now rounding up his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Political Communication, University of Uyo, Uyo, Nigeria. His intellectual ability have been put to several tests and have always yielded positive results, as such, has been proven beyond reasonable doubt to be intellectual heavyweight.

7. *He is Fortified with the Ability to Effectively Handle and Resolve Conflict Situations*

A good leader must be endowed with conflict management potentials. Such person is highly fortified with the understanding and gifted ability to effectively handle issues – as conflict is inevitable in virtually all human relationships.
Ndifon is monumentally blessed with these innate abilities and rare propensities of fixing human issues and restoring impaired relationships, lets support him.

8. *He Stands for the Truth at all times*

Victor Ndifon is among the very microscopic few politician who stand for and defend the truth without bias, nepotism, favoritism and chauvinism.

9. *He is Highly Detribalized and Treat People Equally*

Ndifon is a detribalised Cross Riverian and relate with all and sundry equally irrespective of their religious, ethnic and political affiliations nor even their socioeconomic status.

He relate equally with everybody and accord respect to whom ever it is due.

10. *He is Generous and Filled with Enduring Love for Humanity*

Ndifon is a renown giver who can give his last just to meet the needs of others. His love and pity for humanity have always endeared him to many, who mostly end up his friends. A good politician must remember his people not just during elections but even after elections.

Dear Cross River Youths, do not risk your votes, it is very important to us, please invest it rightly by casting them for a *Tested and Trusted Performer in Victor Ogar Ndifon.

Dr. Ukam I. Ngwu, Esq. Writes from the ancient city of Calabar…

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