The South East Traditional Rulers Council, after their meeting in early October, 2018 re-stated that the “Eze Ndigbo” title had become a contentious issue among Ndigbo in diaspora. 

Through a well circulated newspaper advertorials,  particularly Sun Newspapers, the South East Traditional Rulers  Council had banned the use of the title of “Eze Ndi Igbo” in diaspora by any one. 

It described the said title as “impositotry, malicious, vexatious  , offensive and Insulting to the Traditional rulers in South East and the host traditional instutions in the  communities where such exist”

The South-East monarchs wondered how any sane man will want to become Eze (king) in another man’s kingdom. The council then advised those desiring to be coronated as EZE or IGWE to go back to their respective communities in the south east and aspire to such office and get coronated there. 

The decision was reaffirned at the last meeting of South East Traditional Rulers Council held at Enugu in November, 2020. According to Vanguard newspapers of November, 25, page 26, titled ” Igbo Monarchs battle Eze Igbo in diaspora”, it quoted the chairman of Abia State Traditional Rulers Council as saying that the EZE IGBO title in diaspora is against Igbo tradition and should be abolished. 

Also, a prominent monarch in Enugu  State and the Traditional ruler of Obimo Autonomous Community, Igwe Spencer Ugwueke, condemned in strong terms the conferment of Eze Igbo in diaspora on Igbo indegenes. He asked if any one had ever heard of an Hausa man crowned Emir in Igbo land or any Yoruba man answering Oba in any Igbo state.

The said-newspaper report noted with dismay that in spite of the ban on the title, some persons were still parading themselves as such and asked such persons to stop forth with as such conduct and title were embarrassing to South East Traditional Rulers Council.

And Cross River state is not an exception as the controversy over the title has created frosty relationship among Ndi Igbo and the traditional institution in Cross River for decades now.

It is on record that the Cross River State Traditional Rulers Council over the years have been consistent in the rejection of the title.

1n 2004, when the idea of the said-title was muted, the then Obong of Calabar was so angry that those who ever thought of the idea were punished as he stripped two of them the title of, “Ada Ida ke” confered on both some years back. The Obong’s Council described such title as grossly disrespectful to the traditional Institutions in the State.

On October 20, 2018 during the OHANAEZE  IGBO DAY, CROSS RIVER STATE, the  coronation of Eze Ndi Igbo  ( KING OF THE IGBO) came up again . 

The Cross River State Traditional Rulers Council upon hearing about the coming event issued a Press Statement reiterating it’s earlier opposition to the title and coronation as it were over the years. In protest, all stayed away from the event. It was on the ground of the opposition that the coronation of the said- Eze Igbo was cancelled. 

However, a group of self-serving  cartel among Ndigbo in the state insisted I must proceed with issuance of certificate of coronation in my capacity as President of OHANAEZE CROSS RIVER STATE even when I drew their attention to the earlier ban on the title by the South East Traditional Rulers Council.

The certificate was subsquently issued by me at Boki under duress, outside the eagle  eyes of the State Traditional Rulers Council.

The South East Traditional Rulers Council has now mandated me to officially withdraw the said-Certificate I had issued in error. It is obvious I don’t have the capacity to install any one as such since my root did not draw strenght from royalty.

Since I can’t give what I don’t have, the Certificate signed by me is hereby withdrawn accordingly as its issuance has continued to jeorpadise the smooth relationship among Ndi Igbo in Cross River and the State Traditional Rulers Council.

It is regrettable that one man’s interest has continued to militate against the majority and general interest of Ndi Igbo in Cross River.

As an appointee of the Governor, I have the mandate to do what is right and what will promote the interest and well being of Ndi Igbo in the state and restore the our confidence among our history communities.

The error of  issuance of the Certificate of the title of Eze Ndi Igbo by me is accordingly regretted and any one parading himself as such remains an impostor and should be treated so by relevant authorities, especially security agents.

The arrogance of the claimant to the office has got to crescendo as it grossly showed disrespect to Ndi Igbo and the host communities, as depicted in a COMMUNIQUE issued and dated March 20, 2021

The illegal meeting was allegedly held at ‘Obi EzeIgbo, (private home of Chief Emmanuel Ezenwenyi), the so-called EZEIGBO. Perhaps,  “king” of the Igbo in Cross River is above the law and a non- respecter of instructions, lawful orders  and constituted authority.

We, therefore, enjoin the general public to take note of the recent development within the Igbo Community while urging all our people to remain calm and go about their normal business and legally.


Ugoji Nwabueze,Esq,


Chairman , South East Traditional Council,

Chairman,  Cross River State Traditional Rulers Council,

The Permanent Secretary/ SSO

The Obong of Calabar

The Ndidem of Oquas.

Muri Munene.

The Commissioner of Police 

Director, DSS.

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