BY: Efa Sunday.

The Founder and Senior Pastor of one of the new generation churches known as ‘Prophetic Word Ministry’ located in Ugep has been caught in Itigidi village burying charm in a relative’s block factory that is still under construction.

Information gathered by our reporter has it that the Pastor is popularly known as Pastor Paul Abam and hails from Itigidi village in Abi Local Government Area of Cross River State, but has his church in Ugep.

According to reports from eye witnesses, Pst. Paul is related to Mr. Ekpata, the owner of the block factory in Itigidi. He (Paul) had visited his cousin Mr. Ekpata last week Friday and had informed the latter that somebody had planted an effigy (charm) on the land to stop sales and hinder people from patronizing him.

Mr. Ekpata then asked if he could help, for which he replied in the affirmative, saying that a deliverance session would be conducted on Sunday 14th of June, 2020, to which they both agreed.

However, unknown to Mr. Paul, a factory worker present at the site spotted when one of Pst. Paul’s personal assistants was burying the charm on the ground, and then the worker alerted his master- Mr. Ekpata.

While confessing, Pst. Paul said “I asked him (Ekpata) to bring the sum of fifty thousand (50,000)naira for anointing oil, five hundred thousand (500,000) naira for two doves that would be imported from Malaysia and he was to pay me thirty-eight thousand (38,000) naira for prayers.” This the victim had agreed to before Pst. Paul met his waterloo.

Paul also confessed to the fact that he has been in the business of scamming and defrauding unsuspected victims for so long, saying “I normally send my boys to go plant charm in the business place or house of anyone I am targeting, and then I would come back and tell the person that I have a prophecy from God and the person will pay any amount I call. Once the money has been paid, my boys will go and dig out the charm where they had planted it initially.”

Speaking with another female victim, Mrs. Rosemary Ibiang who came in from Ugep this morning, having heard Pst. Paul was caught at Itigidi, crying and lamenting said “This man had killed me and destroyed my marriage. I have been married for four years without any child. When I heard that Pastor Paul’s church performs miracle, I decided to attend. It was then that he (Paul) told me that it was my husband who was responsible for my childlessness. So, I packed out of the house and abandoned my marriage. But when I heard he was caught this morning I decided to come and see things for myself.”

Meanwhile, rumour has it that Mrs. Roselyn isn’t the only victim of broken marriages as a result of pastor Paul’s fake prophecies and miracles.

Transferring the matter to the Village Head, Eval Nelson Asikong demanded that the youth of the community rub black coal all over his body and put on him dry plantain leaves and march him around the entire community with the charms on his head.

Eval Asikong also ordered that his church in Ugep be shut down, his accomplice who was caught burying the charm on the land that hails from Ugep be sent back to his community where he would be dealt with according to the customary rites of the Ugep people, and that Pastor Paul must not come into the village without coming to the palace to inform the village head.

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