Resolutions on the Meeting between the State Security Adviser, Commissioner of Police, PHED, and the representatives communities of the youth and residents of Akpabuyo held on the 17th of February 2021, when the people of Akpabuyo staged a protest at the PHED head office in Calabar, Cross River state.

The aim of that protest was to draw the attention of the media, security agents and the general public to the suffering currently being endured by the people and residents of Akpabuyo, who have been denied power for about a year now and to see to the restoration of power to the region.

The head office of the PHED was picketed and in an effort of intervention to prevent further disruption of the business of the PHED and
prevent a breach of the peace of the public, a meeting was facilitated immediately by the States Chief Security Adviser.

The meeting was attended by the Management of PHED, the State Chief Security Adviser, the state Police commissioner, the DSS and representatives and residents of Akpabuyo and Bakassi.

The resolutions of that meeting are as follows.

  1. The PHED shall show good faith to Akpabuyo and Bakassi by energizing the region for 2 days. During this period, the people of Akpabuyo and Bakassi shall organize meetings with their communities where they shall be sensitized of the intention of the PHED to engage in an enumeration exercise to
    i. Identify users who are currently un-billed with the aim of registering them and generating a “loss of revenue bill” towards redeeming 30% of the total arrears.
    ii. Establish 30% of the current bill of power users to determine the exact amount they are expected to pay for power already consumed.
  2. After the meeting detailed above, the PHED shall carry out the exercise of enumeration and bill verification to regularize anomalies as regards billing. The communities in the region shall co-operate with the PHED in this regard with particular reference to the assurance of the safety and security of PHED Staff.
  3. We shall engage our political leaders, in the House of Assembly and Senate to appeal to them to assist in the provision of at least 10million naira, which shall be committed to the provision of an advance to the PHED.
  4. Once that fund is provided, PHED shall immediately restore power to Akpabuyo and Bakassi. The balance shall be amortized in the bills of the customers.
  5. PHED shall set up an office in Akpabuyo and every customer who fails to pay bills shall be disconnected immediately.

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