Our Staff did not die from Electrocution, we have opted for an Autopsy, Crunchies Mgt

The Management of Crunchies Fried Chicken in Calabar While mourning the death of her staff has debunked social media reports that their staff died from electrocution on the night of Wednesday, February 3rd at their marian branch in Calabar.

A representative from Crunchies Management, who briefed newsmen in Calabar to clarify the incident, said that it was only a medical expert who can ascertain if someone had undergone an electrocution or not.

He lamented that the entire management and staff of Crunchies were mourning the sudden demise of the decease who was hardworking and dedicated to duty, and also commiserating with the family over this loss.

The management of Crunchies wants an autopsy to be carried out with a view to ascertain the real cause of the death.

He said that police investigation had revealed that there was no power leakage close to where the affected staff was doing her work.

He explained that the police brought in an independent electrician to carry out an appropriate search to ascertain if there was any power leakage, but none could be traced in the presence of the police.

“we use one of the best medical facilities in Calabar, Arubah Specialist Hospital. When the incident occured, we took her to Arubah hospital.

“Because of the COVID-19 protocols, before you enter a hospital, you must be checked. As soon as she got to the hospital gate, the Doctor and Nurses came out and checked her vital signs and observed that she was dead.

“They recommended that her body be taken to the mortuary or another hospital. But because of the suddenness of her death, we insisted on taking her to the Teaching Hospital for another check up.

“The UCTH Doctor on duty confirmed her dead. The doctor advised that we take her to the UCTH mortuary. At that point, we said no, rather, we took her to the general hospital, her family was contacted and we awaited their consent to deposit her in the morgue.”

He explained that they they contacted the father of the deceased because they needed his consent before taking her to the mortuary.

He said that they had to go to the police at around 6 a.m in the morning to incident the matter.

According to him, the decease did not die from electrocution, adding that even after her death, the body did not show any physical or observable sign of someone who have died from electrocution.

“It is so painful that people who are not expert in some areas are the ones peddling this fake rumour of electrocution.

“Some people felt she died on the 4th, but rather, she died on the 3rd at around 9pm. As we speak, we have gotten the consent of the parent and we have deposited the dead body in the Anatomy Department of University of Calabar.

“At this point, we are waiting for the parent to give consent for an autopsy to be carried out because thier consent is required. The police have started the process of the Corona and preparing document for the autopsy.

“The best people to tell us the real cause of her death are those who will conduct the autopsy,” he further said.

He maintained that Crunchies is a good place to work because they take adequate care of all their staff irrespective of the fact they are all adequately insured.

He added that they were already holding talks with the family on the matter.

Speaking also, the company’s lawyer, Barr. Joseph Oloko, said it was a pitiable situation that nobody had ever wished for.

Barr. Oloko maintained that Crunchies was a responsible organisation that has never failed in it’s Corporate Social Responsibility since they started operation in Calabar in 2005.

He said that through hardwork and dedication, the company had expanded over the years with other branches.

According to him, the general public should take note that Crunchies places premium on the welfare of its staff, adding that the company has been responsible for its staff over the years.

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