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One of the aspirants for the position of State chairman in the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) in Cross River state, Comrade Victor Ndifon has appealed to the Commissioner for Youths and Skills Acquisition, Hon. Signor Idiege Omang to intervene in the crisis rocking the council and call all delegates and stakeholders together for the purpose of conducting a free and fair election.

Comr. Ndifon in a press release advocated for fair play as he disassociated himself from the charade carried out by the Etim Attah-led Congress Planning Committee (CPC) which have been dissolved by congress men and women due to their biasness and favouritism towards one aspirant.

According to the former student leader “Let me state categorically that I would not accept the fraud that was carried out yesterday. We were not informed of any election and as such I disassociate myself from such illegality.”. He added that the outgoing state chairman has shown clearly that he is ready to foist a candidate on all Cross River youths saying ” It is disappointing that Prince Ndiyo has reduced his transition to a mere beer parlour charade. This is not how to install successors. We would resist the imposition of a candidate on us using all constitutional and legal means at our disposal.”

He made certain demands to the commissioner saying “I demand for justice from the Commissioner for Youths, if he is not compromised by Ndiyo and Hon. Eric Akpo, he should call all delegates in the Youth Council and organise a free and credible Election Congress”.

Comr. Ndifon further called on security agents in the state to intervene to avert the looming danger saying ” The Security Agencies including Police and DSS should intervene to prevent an impending crisis as Prince Ndiyo and his CPC have reneged on the Agreement/Undertaking we all signed in the interest of peace in the election and the state.”

He added that the new CPC formed by congress men and women should be allowed to conduct the election or a neutral one be formed by the Hon. Commissioner saying “I request that a new Congress Planning Committee devoid of vested interest should be saddled with the responsibility of conducting a free and fair Elective Congress”.

Recall that the Etim Attah-led CPC formed by Prince Ndiyo after inviting all delegates from across the 18 Local Governments to father at the stadium on June 19th 2020 and successfully screening all of them in the presence of over twenty armed police men decided to cancel the election some minutes to casting of ballots citing ‘security information’ as the reason even when there was no crisis and everyone was calm. To this effect, the congress men and women passed a vote of no confidence on the CPC and nominated new members.

However, the said Attah-led CPC gathered few delegates on June 20th at a Hotel in State Housing and in the presence of Eric Akpo cajoled some Local Government coordinators to sign a document declaring Dan Obo is who above the statutory 35 years recognised by the NYCN constitution as the purported ‘state chairman’ in a selection process that all other aspirants were not invited or informed.

Attached here is the video of their purported selection process:

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