BY: Ashong Ukwawi

Upon emergence of Prof. Ayade as Governor ,some of us envisaged a supper intelligent, selfless and perfect administration. This expectation was premised on the fact that we were made to understand that Gov. Ayade was a money bag, hence will not have to loot or temper with state resources. Also looking at his Family background, we all expected him to understand societal needs and the plight of his subjects. More so, looking at his educational qualifications and career, we perceived him a sound administrator. It is so sad, disheartening and regrettable to say that Ayade did not only fail us but is disgracing and disappointing some of us who believed in him and canvassed for him to be governor. The reason of his failure is not far fetched from his style of governance. Gov. Ayade style of governance I can best describe as “Monarchical cum Dictatorial”.

To buttress my assertion a Monarchical system is by heredity with so much power while dictatorial is possessing absolute political powers. These two system of governance put together best describes the Governor. The Governor forgets he rose to the seat through a process and electorates, he acts as one who inherited the position. Thus disregarding the people and process that made him Governor, governing the state and meddling with state resources without recourse to due process.

Secondly, putting food on the table policy which has resulted to thousands of officeless political appointees is regrettable. It is sad that Ayade instead of creating sustainable employment for his subject prefers to give appointments regardless of intellectual capacity and experience. Imagine, appointing persons with no political experience and lack of requisite academic qualification as aides. It is worst that these set of appointees are given preferences and juicy positions than experienced and seasoned politicians.

This is not only a disregard and abuse of political positions but ignorance of the impacts of knowledgeable aides in governance. It is my view that politics is a career, therefore it is paramount to grow and develop in. I wonder how appointees with no requisite knowledge, office and responsibilities are expected to grow and harness their potentials. Where these aides who are suppose to be advisers, supporters and workforce of the Governor are drawn from persons with no capacity and reduced to nothing, the resultant effect is nothing short from the poor performance, maladministration and impunity going on in the state .

Gov.Ayade create sustainable jobs, not all your subjects must be political aides. If all should be: who will teach? Who will be in civil service and so on. Appoint people with capacity and give them the opportunity to perform the duties of their office. Adopt an all inclusive style of governance. This is the only way forward.

Importantly, do not forget in the next three years you won’t be governor.

It is unheard of, I can’t keep mute.

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