By Missang Oyama

Governor Benedict Ayade recently completed and donated 400 housing units to the displaced people of Bakassi. This is quite commendable.

Your Excellency, by this laudable milestone, you have shown that you are imbued with the capacity to do things right if you will stop hallucinating. You still have 3 years under your belt to rewrite history, reinvent yourself and write your name in pure gold.

Our people are not difficult to please, Your Excellency. Recalibrate your mindset, develop a realistic blueprint for the next 3 years with quick win programs and posterity will sing your praises to the high heavens.

Your Excellency, forget about those high sounding and bogus nomenclatures you have always used to describe some of your phantom projects and unrealistic annual budget estimates.

“Super” this, “Spaghetti” that, ” Vegas” this, “Cali” that, “Deep Seaport” “Obudu International Cargo Airport” and others. These are all pipe dreams that you have to erase from your mind.

COVID-19 has brought in its trail a huge baggage of dire fiscal strain on government at all levels. Government revenue projections have been voided and Cross River State is not insulated from the current realities.

You cannot keep chasing shadows and making flowery and fanciful promises to our people. The time to be real is now. The story of ” Intellectual money” should be confined to the dustbin of history.

Your Excellency, look inward – streamline government expenditures, identify your key revenue points, put together a crack team to work with you and I daresay you will achieve more laudable milestones.

Congratulations once again Your Excellency for this great feat. Although the displaced people of Bakassi are more than 3,200, what you have done with these 400 housing units is a commendable starting point.

You have done well on this occasion, Sir.

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