Gov. Ayade commended for Remodeling Health Care to cover more Persons at Grassroots, as Health Ministry intensify search for less Privileged , anemic & Malnourished Children

It was 12 midnight on Sunday with another severely Malnourished child at the verge of death when the Honorable Commissioner Dr Betta Edu was reached with an SOS. Little baby Micha Effiong who was severely anemic with a PCV of 4% was gradually becoming breathless. The level of odema and other complications left the child unable to see, and unable to
walk or talk. The child was immediately rushed to General Hospital calabar yesterday and transferred to UCTH. The attending Doctor got the first shocker when he put a cannula into the veins and just plasma (yellow fluid) came out instead of red whole blood. The bloated child had suffered severe malnutrition and her organs were beginning to fail.

Having rescued over 60 anemic and severely malnourished children within two Months across two Senatorial District of the State, CRS Commissioner for Health Dr Betta Edu has reiterated that the administration of Sen Prof Ben Ayade will not allow any child to die as a result of Malnutrition, on this regards, several efforts are on going in the ministry of health to address this. Dr Edu who was at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital during the early hours of today to salvage the situation and visit the two kids.

” Myself and our team, resume here in UCTH to ascertain the health condition of little baby Micha Etim Effiong and by extension Moses Miracle Brownson, after which I will visit those in General Hospital Calabar. No life is greater or more important than the other and by that, We won’t take for granted anyone’s life be it the poorest of the poor or the richest of the rich.

“As soon as my attention was drawn to these kids, i quickly asked that they be taken to the hospital and immediate treatment administered to them as their conditions especially that of little baby Micha Etim were very critical. You can imagine a child having a PCV of 4%, running a temperature of about 39.1°C and her pulse at 128b/m. If urgent attention wasn’t given to them we would have lost them Moses is on oxygen.” The commissioner encouraged everyone to register for the health insurance scheme as issues like this will be addressed by the scheme.

Speaking, the parents of the kids Miss Eno Etim Effiong and Miss Faith Elijah who are both unemployed and single mothers stated that their kids who are 3yrs and 7months respectively have been sick for a couple of months now as they couldn’t access medical care due to lack of funds. They thanked the Governor Sen Ben Ayade for the support and the health commissioner for coming to their rescue. “My child has been ill for long now and I couldn’t take her to the hospital because of lack of money, I was shocked when I saw the commissioner coming to our rescue as I thought it wouldn’t be possible especially as I am nobody but today Dr Betta Edu has proven to me that she’s indeed a mother who cares for the life of any child irrespective of your background,” Miss Eno Etim stated.

Both kids who are suffering from severe Malnutrition, broncho-pneumonia, severe anemia and other complications are now stable and are receiving medical care at the UCTH. Dr Edu during her visit this morning supported them with medical items, foodstuffs as well as a cash donation to sort out other needs as she has assured them that Government foot pending bills. She called on cross riverians to immediately call the attention of the health ministry should they come across any child in this category while calling on cross riverians to get enrolled into the health insurance scheme (Ayadecare).

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