Five things they don’t tell you about marriage

By Ayoola Adetayo

Five information about marriage that sometime get lost in the midst of all other marriage information you need.
Marriage is such a buzzword that many young, unmarried people want to learn as much about it as they can before delving in. But there’s so much to learn about marriage that some things do get lost in the midst of all the available information to give.
There are surprising things you may still
encounter in marriage, lifestyle changes you should be prepared for before tying the knot and then there are things people hardly tell you before you walk down that aisle and say “I do”.
But that’s why we’re here, right?
Here below are five things about marriage they probably haven’t told you.
1. A marriage is not a dash
A dash is over in a matter of seconds. Marriages are ideally supposed to last even beyond a marathon. You are there in it, running the ceaseless race towards perfection with your partner. And even when perfection is attained, you still stick together in it.
2. Marriage is endless
Maybe no one says it anymore because of how rampant divorces have become but marriages, with all things being equal, should have no end unless one of you dies. There’s no being done. There’s no exit.
You need to marry someone who makes this doable.
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3. There are no rules
Just as in relationships, there are water-tight rules in marriage. Take what works for you and use it. That it worked for your folks, neighbours and friends does not mean it would work for you.
Rules and bendable, avoidable. Just be happy with your spouse is all that matters.
4. Marriage has no breaks
Whatever you’re doing to stay married, you’re doing it every day, all the time. There are no vacations, no periods of time off for good behavior, no rest days.
Marriage is like oxygen, where taking a break from it starts to kill parts of your brain.
5. No trophies
You actually win in marriage by being a great husband and fantastic wife but here are no medals, so don’t expect one.
No matter how great you become as a partner to your spouse, you are simply doing what you swore to do. It is expected of you.

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