Prof Zana Akpagu stands tall as the first Cross River northerner to have garnered traditional titles by being clad in real ropes as a worthy son in the land.

To be eligible for such adoption into the traditional council, it must be individuals with verifiable performance as development advocates with direct bearing on any community in Northern Senatorial District

Chieftaincy titles in Cross River North just like any other community in Nigeria, are usually inherited among male lineage of a particular family and often rotated over time between different chieftaincy houses.

This conferment followed by an acceptance from major stakeholders of the community whose goal is to ensure that norms, values and belief system of their communities or Local Governments are not eroded.

To this end, non hereditary chieftaincy title is rarely given but earned by distinguished Nigerians who court their admiration on the basis of sterling performance in public office or private sector. They are willingly conferred with any title they deem necessary.

Decision of this magnitude comes with proof that such individuals have made concerted efforts that enhanced immediate developmental initiative on a community just like Akpagu’s case.

Whether on the basis of infrastructure or human capital development(job placement), a community or local government area through its traditional rulers council can identify and award deserving chieftaincy title on any individual who has been able to mitigate some of their needs.

In the light of the above, Professor Zana Akpagu’s star studded chieftaincy titles hub with endearing literal interpretations across the 5 Local Governments in Northern Senatorial District is a huge testimony of subtle endorsements and adoption as a worthy son of the land. As the saying goes,” you cannot celebrate what you don’t attract”.

It shows that they are attracted by his performance index as Vice Chancellor of the University of Calabar and ” complete northerner” who always prioritised their needs whenever he occupies public office.

A peep into Akpagu’s chieftaincy titles in Cross River North shows clear proof of acceptance resulting into an overwhelming endorsement in the October 31st election being heralded in between by All Progressives Congress (APC) Senate Primary election billed for 3rd September,2020 to elect a flag bearer.

For the first time, a high ranking chief (hereditary or non hereditary) in Obudu, Obanliku, Bekwarra, Ogoja and Yala would be mounting a political platform for votes in a primary and main election.

Prof Zana Akpagu who supervised the establishment of Okuku and Ogoja Campuses of the state university in Northern Senatorial District as then Commissioner for Education in 2002 attests to his passion for Cross River North 18 years ago.

One can only appreciate the huge mileage on Akpagu who represents the entire Cross River in the APC primary and main election as; Okungboo1 of Bekwarra, Uchua Ukpele1 of Obanliku, Unwa Ushie of Obudu,Otebechi 1 of Yala and Ntol Lem-Annenob1 of Ishiborri in Ogoja.

Ntufam Professor Akpagu’s titles or endorsements earned through strategic and concerted development drive in the senatorial District points that the “King of Cross River North” is coasting home with the people’s support.

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