An imaginary expedition to Robert Greene’s bestseller book, “The 48 Laws of Power ” depicts the new rave of the moment for Cross River North in a magnetic form following his ability to court huge attention and believe from all angles.

Evidently, Prof Zana Akpagu is one man with many voices of hope wishing he is elected to lead APC and the entire North in the forthcoming Senate bye election.

This aptly describes the collective imagination of voters across the 54 political wards in Bekwarra, Obanliku, Obudu, Ogoja and Yala Local Government Areas of the senatorial district for a new lease of life under Akpagu.

Greene in his heart wrenching best seller noted that; “The magnet, an unseen force draws objects to it which in turn becomes magnetised themselves, drawing other pieces to them, the magnetic power of the whole constantly increasing”

In this lucid illustration,Prof Akpagu whose foray into public service is replete with selflessness, character, dedication and pragmatism in service delivery is being compared to a magnet.

Since signifying interest to offer a focused representation for the people, his intention so far is knitting an unrivalled goodwill across all divides towards him.

Indeed, there is a common bond in adversity especially in the face of decrepit road infrastructure, epileptic power supply, poor human capital development and high birth rate that is threatening little infrastructure in the senatorial district.

In times like these… where knowledge, wisdom, exposure,grassroots connection, proven capacity with verifiable track record as well as ease of access whenever he occupies public office is needed.

As common as these indices of assessment may seem in other societies, Prof Zana Akpagu is miles ahead of his peers in the race.

Prof Akpagu the magnet remains an attractive figure with an endearing political clout like a stamp in the minds of all stakeholders and neutrals on the basis of his enviable record as a performer, projects driver and savvy of human capital development of the district in order to put it to compete favourably in the global workforce.

A vote for him as All Progressives Congress (APC) standard bearer opens a huge possibility of commanding renewal, believe and attracting hope for women, artisans, farmers, vulnerable groups as this goodwill translates to political mileage for the people’s choice in the forthcoming Senate Bye Election.

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