On April 27, I made a post decrying the failure of the federal government to support and trust COVID-19 cure claims by our local scientists. I used the success of Senegal in the production of testing kits and ventilators as well as Madagascar COVID-organic to support my points.

Remember that the post was a follow-up to another post where I questioned why federal government was yet to give Nigerians update on the samples submitted by our local scientists as cure for COVID-19.

The only update we have gotten from the federal government through the Minister of Science and Technology, Ogbonnaya Onu is that the samples have been sent to US for verification.

I questioned why it should be sent to US. The post didn’t go down well with Pamela Braide who defended the government’s position stoutly and even claimed that the government had set-up a committee to that effect. She sent a link from Guardian where the paper carried a misleading headline supporting her argument that government has set-up a committee truly.

However, understanding how we Journalists can use headlines at times to draw the attention of our readers to our reports, I read news beyond headlines and in this case, the headline was absolutely crafted for attention. The content only talked about the plans of government to set-up a committee and since then, nothing has been head about the plan again.

When Madagascar and Senegal had their breakthrough, I did a post calling Pamela out to defend her position and in her typical fashion of assuming she knows everything, instead of defending or apologising for her misinformation, she “ordered” me to take her name off my post.

Like Martin Luther King Jr said that the best way to obey a stupid order is to disobey it, I disobeyed the order and she un-friend or blocked me.

Let me make something very clear here. I’m not bothered that she blocked me but I just want to let people know that some of these people who don’t see anything good in others can’t stand opposition. They assume the place of God that they know everything and the rest of us know next to nothing. Once you refuse to be fooled by their half information, vom, they runaway.

In any case, she left and gave me opportunity to accept other people. I’ve 5,000 friends already with over 2,200 followers on Facebook. I’ve nearly 1000 request waiting. She was just one among equals as there was nothing special being her friend here.

The truth remains that we all need to be more vigilant and critical of some information we read on Facebook especially from some self-acclaimed omnipotent like Pamela.

Now to the main gist. The Madagascar COVID-organic which my friend Olusegun Mark condemned for not meeting clinical verification have been approved by our dear President, Muhammadu Buhari to be used for treatment of Coronavirus patients in the country.

The Chairman of the Presidential taskforce on COVID-19, Boss Mustapha made the announcement yesterday.

This is coming barely few days after Dr Paul Olisa Ojeih, the Managing Director, Iris Medical Foundation Drugs and Pharmaceutical in an article berated the federal government for playing politics with the virus. He accused the government of not respecting remedies from local scientists.

Also, just days ago, Prof. Maurice Iwu also said that the federal government has not shown any interest in the claims submitted by local scientists.

It was just about four days ago that the government directed NAFDAC to commence assessing local herbal mixture as possible cure for Coronavirus.

The question is, why did it take Nigeria so long to try our local remedies? The Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire said our local medicine is not used because it has not been tested and may be poisonous. Again I ask, why didn’t they do the test since?

Like I’ll always say, the solution to our problem as a country and continent lies in us not the white. Our beliefs that only things from the white is authentic has really affected our development. We need to begin to look inward and seriously stop looking for solutions to our problems from other people.

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