BY: Awade Friday (Last Prophet)

On the occasion of my 35th Birthday Celebration, I hereby recommend the following…


Greetings your Excellency, I hope this message meets you well and I honestly wish you read through this piece.

35 years from now, I will be 70 years so I know exactly what is right and what is wrong.

Your Excellency sir, I am a Crossriverian and a proud one at that, so whatever you read here is out of love and the interest I have for the betterment of our dear state.

I remembered when my 2nd son was delivered you sent me 500,000 and I can’t forget that in hurry.

Your Excellency the following recommendations is not in any way to insult your office but to let you know that there are still few of us who can tell you the truth from distance.

Moreover Your Excellency, I know I will be Governor of Cross River State Some day so I want to meet a state that is still Governable hence my interest in making sure you succeed.

Below are the 35 things I wish you should know…

1. Before you became the Governor of Cross River State, I knew you have good intentions because I was your Mc in Abuja when you were Elected a Senator and I head all your said that day in the reception and I still believe you.

2. Don’t always see people’s opinions as Attack on your government, because even your predecessors didn’t find it easy. The difference is that there was no social media awareness in their time.

3. Please Give the Ranch in Obanliku to a Multinational Hospitality Company to manage, this will help you relax and let your Commissioner for culture and Tourism just do the supervising role because you don’t need SA Ranch or any other Appointee to get it working, remember that was where I met you first and we exchanged contacts.

4. Most of your Appointees are sycophants and are with you because of their belly sake and not for the good of the state.

5. I strongly believe that Not all announced as Appointees are directly from you because I see some of them and just laugh.

6. Some of your Appointees have used their ID cards as Collateral because they have decided to live a above their means claiming they work with the Governor.

7. We have more cases of Unwanted pregnancy in our villages because of some of your Appointees especially in your 1st term when you appointed over 5,000 persons as your aids pls sir don’t allow it happen again.

8. Your Excellency sir, I know you might not like this point, but the truth of the matter is that Government have no business doing Business.

9. All you would have done is create enabling environment and support for Businesses to thrive without your building any of the Factories with state funds that would have gone into other projects key projects like Road, Environment, water, Education etc.

10. All the Industries you have built would have been better if it’s been run by the Core existing experts in the field via a public Private Partnership act or bill instead of creating political offices for them.

11. Your Excellency, Tourism and Entertainment is are major Revenue source for any state and can attract more Investors if properly looked into.

12. One of the best Decisions made was to appoint a Practitioner as Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, sir please fund the Ministry so as to help him embark on outstanding projects and pay outstanding debts to young theater professionals.

13. I think before COVID-19, the only Commissioner Working is the Commissioner for Environment and I must say that he deserves some accolades.

14. The also think that the ministry of Environment needs funding to complement their ongoing efforts in the Beautification of the state because, I no longer see them working to be compared to when they were newly appointed.

15. The Commissioner for Solid minerals is also trying, even if results from his kind of job is not what we have to see physical but I am sure it’s showing in the IGR of the state.

16. Your Excellency sir, pls Don’t always listen to all the chants of Digital! They don’t mean it.

17. Your Excellency, Do the best you can not to get yourself involved in every Media Rants by allowing the Prosecution and arrest of any Journalist because you have over 15 Media aids who should do the job in responding to every issue raised by citizens.

18. Please reshuffle your cabinet sir especially Commissioners and if possible Relief some of their jobs because they are confused on what to do with their ministries.

19. I strongly recommend as a matter of importance that you should not Appoint Comrade Dan Obo to any Political office because we need him at the Level of Youth Council in our state. We need a youth Leader that can fit into the Shoes of Com. Ndiyo. Dan Obo wasted his time as Board Chairman in your first Term without results. He might not like this point but it’s the bitter truth.

20. Your Excellency, I recommend you start a Periodic media Broadcast at least once in every 3 months.

21. Your Excellency another good Appointee is commissioner for information. You have an amazing and proactive Commissioner for Information sir but he should try and not always put out notice of threat to every media Statements made by People.

22. Only those who love you like me will lookout for you without sentiments.

23. Please put your party (PDP) together so that young people like us who are still interested in returning to the party can feel at home once again.

24. Some political appointments are nit necessary.

25. Any one above 50 should not be an appointee like Special Adviser, Special Assistant, PA. They should rather recommend their Children for the appointment.

26. You need to Build a New political ideology because the politics with Ethics is no longer applicable in our case.

27. The person Creating the Offices or portfolios for appointment is not doing a good job as most of them are contradicting.

28. Your Excellency! Please create time for Interaction with your Appointees as most of them will be happy to see you one on one.

29. Look at the welfare of the special security unit created by you in the Police, like Operation skolombo and homeland security.

30. Look at the yearly pay for artiste performance during the Festival because it’s nothing to write home about. I feel Someone or some people are defrauding the industry.

31. Your Excellency, Through the office of our amiable Commissioner for information, call for a meeting with critics of your government and please listen to all they have to say and work on it.

32. Sack people who are not working if you have to because government is not Beauty pageant, fashion show, neither is it a comedy Concert.

33. Set up a Cross River State Economic team and please appoint Economic experts and not Politicians.

34. Concerning the present happenings in the PDP, please call for a reconciliation meeting and look at the welfare of the Party.

35. This is my 35th birthday, and as one of the most hardworking Crossriverians, I wish to receive a personal call from you on this special day.

God Bless you as you take this message as as recommendation from a concerned son…

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