Some of our pretty single ladies wished to get married in the year 2019, but you

didn’t achieve it. It may be due to some mistakes from you. As we are about to enter 2020, the following tips will help you :

1. Dress very neat and attractive. Do not dress half naked, but dress decently. Serious and responsible men will come to you.
2. Do not play too hard to get. Don’t be too cheap and don’t be too hard to get.
3. Don’t be proud no matter how wealthy you may be.
4. Do not under estimate any guy. Don’t under rate any guy and don’t judge a guy by his physical appearance.

5. Do not force yourself on any guy. If a guy is no longer interested in you, you should leave him alone. Allow him to go.

6. Be sociable, friendly and approachable.
7. Attend social gatherings such as weddings,  birthday parties, church programs, cinemas, etc. In these places, you will have a chance to meet with serious and mature guys.
8. Respect men. Be well behaved. Develop good characters.

9. Do not be in a hurry to sleep with a new guy you just met. His intention may be to use and dump you. In fact do not accept to have sex with him. If he is for real, he won’t quit the relationship because of lack of sex.
10. Don’t be too demanding. Don’t make a guy feel that you are after his money
11. Do not place all your family burden and responsibilities on the guy you are dating. He won’t marry you.
12. Above all, pray to God and ask God to lead you to the right and serious guy. Be prayerful and pray against any evil attack.

If you try all these in the year 2020, you are sure of settling down next year.

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