While Men Slept 😴…

“Ehm!!..Madam can I speak with you inside my office”, “OK doctor, I hope you don’t want to cancel the operation again… I’m already tired”, she replied.

“This is not the best way to say this but I have to tell you now in other to avoid medico-legal  issues that may prop up after surgery; Madam it’s quite sad, the test we did showed that your little girl got HIV, and we have done the  confirmatory test”…
“What? That’s not possible… How can?… Mimi (not real name) have HIV?… Impossible… How?… When?… From who?… I and my husband Just did HIV test last week and we were both negative… Mimi has never been a sick child until now, she has never received blood transfusion before…. I don’t even want to imagine her having sex with a man… She’s just 14 for God’s sake, and I am sure she doesn’t share sharp objects with anybody…”

“Madam please calm down, we will go ahead with the appendicectomy surgery, she’s already having severe pain”…
“But doctor wait o, I believe this is a spiritual attack, my enemies have tried several times to cause calamity in my family, last time it was hernia to my husband, now it is appendicitis and even HIV again for my daughter…. They will never succeed”
“Madam let’s leave the spiritual thing first and save the life of your daughter “

Inside the theatre:

Everything was set for the surgery, child has been given anaesthesia. We were already putting on elbow length surgical gloves, protective goggles and surgical gowns.
My colleague said to me: I am not comfortable going ahead with this surgery. But, anyway….. We are already in.

On entering the peritoneal cavity… “Oh my God!… what are all these?”, my colleague exclaimed!….. Multiple necrotic lesions all over the intestine…. Look! This part is perforated… 👀 😎😎… We are in trouble! 😬😠

Fast-forward ⏩ ⏩ End of Surgery…🙌
My Colleague: Dr. John, nobody has answered the question, how did this child contract HIV?
Me: Let me even do a vaginal examination and see if she had eaten the Adam’s apple.

On V. Examination: carunculae myrtiformis (Remnants of torn hymen membrane) was hanging round the vagina. The vaginal canal was so lax and wide like that of a slay queen.

Back to my colleague……..
I think I can now answer your question;

” But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. Matthew  13:25 “

A wicked “Mr uncle”or boy sowed the seed of HIV in this naive little girl ,now, she will be on Anti retroviral drugs for life 😢

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